University of Leeds Webinar: Self-Optimizing Continuous Flow Reactors

University of Leeds Webinar: Self-Optimizing Continuous Flow Reactors

Chemical processes can be performed in two ways; in batch or in flow, each method having set advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

Flow chemistry has gathered increasing attention over the past decade and is being readily adopted into academia to help improve synthetic routes, which maybe undesirable in batch, where outputs such as yield, productivity, E-factor or selectivity maybe improved via various methods of optimisation. On-line analytics within continuous flow chemistry allow reactions to be monitored in real-time ultimately allowing immediate characterisation and the ability to optimise in the easiest possible way.

Hosted by Jack Henion, Advion’s Chief Scientific Founder, Chris Horbaczewskyj of the University of Leeds outlines the work carried out within the Bourne group for process development applications:

  • Use of flow chemistry with online HPLC in the self-optimisation of reactions,
  • Use of online mass spectrometry for the optimisation of continuous flow reactions using an experimental design approach,
  • The development of new algorithms for multiple variable optimisation in chemical systems.