Tips and Tricks for Challenging ICP-MS Applications

Tips and Tricks for Challenging ICP-MS Applications

Lab Manager Ask the Expert Webinar. Recorded September 15, 2022

Out of your element? Don’t be! This webinar features innovative cannabis and blood applications, plus tips and tricks to maximize throughput, precision, and sensitivity when utilizing ICP-MS technology. Performed using the Advion Interchim Scientific SOLATION® ICP-MS featuring a state-of-the-art sample introduction from Glass Expansion, this session is a must-see for any user or future user seeking tools for heavy metal analysis.

As a viewer, you will learn more about:

  • How to perform heavy metal analysis of cannabis plants using the SOLATION® ICP-MS
  • Simple methods for blood and plasma analysis that any lab can perform
  • How spray chamber performance can affect long-term system stability

Webinar speakers include:

Dr. Fadi Abou-Shakra
Director of ICP-MS Portfolio
Advion Interchim Scientific 

Joseph Brady
ICP-MS Application Scientist
Advion Interchim Scientific

Dr. Ryan Brennan
Glass Expansion