Shotgun Lipidomics Analysis

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Infusion based Lipidomics analysis (Shotgun Lipidomics) is an analysis strategy that emerged in the last 15 years and involves the liquid extraction of lipids from samples such as blood, tissue homogenates or dried blood spots. As a next step, the extract will be automatically processed for nano-electrospray nESI followed by targeted or global mass spectrometry detection of lipids in the absence of liquid chromatography.

Shotgun Lipidomic experiments can be designed as relative or absolute quantitative assays utilizing the mass spectrometer intensity data and significant computer processing to investigate changes in e.g free fatty acids by principle component analysis. This approach is suitable for a wide range of biomedical questions of lipid differentiation and lipid flux in the field of metabolic disease, neurological disorders, cancers or eye diseases, to state a few.