SUDAN DYES ANALYSIS Using Compact Mass Spectrometry with TLC Interface

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Sudan Dyes are synthesized azo-dyes which are widely used to generate color in plastics, leather, fabrics, oil, waxes, etc. They are classified as Group 3 carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and are banned as food additives worldwide. However, in some countries these dyes are still occasionally used in order to intensify the color in products. In this note, a TLC/CMS method using expression compact mass spectrometer (CMS) coupled with the Plate ExpressTM Interface (Advion, Ithaca, NY) is introduced for the detection of 7 Sudan dyes in a chili matrix. The primary advantage of TLC/CMS analysis is the ability to sample directly from the TLC plate without further sample preparation after the TLC separation is done. Molecular weight information of sample components can be determined by the mass spectra from the eluted TLC spots.