Thermo Fisher Scientific -Advion Joint Marketing Agreement Updated to Include LTQ Orbitrap™

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November 14, 2006– Advion BioSciences announced today an update to the joint marketing agreement between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Advion BioSystems, Inc. The expanded agreement now includes Thermo Scientific’s recently released award winning LTQ Orbitrap hybrid mass spectrometer in combination with the Advion TriVersa™ NanoMate(R) system. Originated in 2003, the joint marketing agreement was renewed in June 2005 and further expanded in 2006. The agreement allows for co-promotion of each company’s instrumentation and demonstration facility instrumentation investments. To date the agreement has resulted in numerous joint sales. The addition of the highly successful LTQ Orbitrap to the agreement is expected to add further unit sales. The combination of the TriVersa NanoMate with the Thermo Scientific line of mass spectrometers, including the new LTQ Orbitrap, is very powerful for a range of research areas including top-down proteomics, protein characterization and biomarker discovery. This update shows a commitment by both parties to continue a very successful partnership.

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