Webinar: Rapid Analysis Using Direct Microextraction Assays Coupled to the New SOLATION® ICP-MS

Dedicated to Science, Dedicated to You

Recorded February 2, 2023: LIVE Location, the 2023 European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry


  • Janez Ilaš, Ph. D., Professor, University of Ljubljana
  • Fadi Abou-Shakra, Director of Advion Interchim Scientific ICP-MS Portfolio

    Join Advion Interchim Scientific with guest speaker from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, to learn more about a new novel sample introduction method for ICP-MS utilizing direct analysis via microextraction. First you will learn microextraction methods with the Plate Express TLC Plate/microextraction reader coupled to the single-quadrupole expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS). After understanding the basics of the platform, you will learn more about how this technology was reimagined to suit the SOLATION® ICP-MS for a rapid method to determine isotopic analysis faster and easier than ever before.

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