Webinar: Streamlined Benchtop Chemistry: Faster Workflow from Reaction to Fraction

Dedicated to Science, Dedicated to You

Lab Manager Ask the Expert Webinar. Recorded September 7, 2022

Maximize your workflow—even with limited space at the bench. This webinar features innovative solutions for streamlining the chemists’ everyday needs, including reaction monitoring, purification, fraction collection, and evaporation. No matter what your application, the session will address some of the most common bottlenecks and how to avoid them to improve your process.

As a viewer, you will learn more about:

  • How to use TLC plates to make flash purification faster and more efficient
  • Software hacks leveraging sophisticated algorithms for better purifications
  • 30-second fraction ID to speed up the process
  • How evaporation can be easier, faster, and more reliable