Mass Spectrometry for the Teaching Lab

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Teaching Mass Spectrometry: The Basics

Developing a curriculum for any course is taxing: lecture content, lab materials, take-home packets and more.

Our team at Advion understands that while teaching mass spectrometry to your students may be a priority for you, it may not be something that you are ready to do without significant preparation. That’s why we have developed a teaching package, featuring the following:

  • The expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) – an instrument with the simplicity for teaching students, and the performance to support your own research
  • ESI and APCI ionization techniques
  • Easy to use sample inlet techniques such as the Plate Express automated TLC plate reader, and the one-touch ASAP liquid and solids probe
  • Over 10 hours of recorded lectures from industry expert and Advion co-founder, Dr. Jack Henion
  • Lecture slides to share or adapt to your own teaching style
  • Simple, intuitive, student-friendly CheMS Software

From introductory mass spectrometry principles to in-depth research projects, Advion’s teaching package provides a wide array of hands-on experience opportunities essential for teaching mass spectrometry to chemists.


Learn more about the easy, prep-free sample introduction techniques that make learning mass spectrometry with the expression CMS stimulating and easy for both professors and students:


Plate Express Push-Button TLC Plate Reader

• Couple the Plate Express TLC plate reader to the expression CMS for push-button TLC plate analysis

• No scraping or sample preparation required

• Identify spots in <1 minute



ASAP Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe

• Ideal for student use, the ASAP probe provides the easiest sample inlet technique for liquid and solid samples with no prep

• Insert the probe into the mass spectrometer for answers in seconds



LC/CMS – Learning the Basics of (U)HPLC

• Gain expertise in LC/MS by adding the Advion AVANT (U)HPLC system, or connect the expression CMS to your lab’s current LC using our integrated software options



CheMS Software for a simplified user experience

• Quickly select the workflow and type of compounds to be analyzed without needing to be an expert in mass spectrometry

• Effortless method and instrument setup for a range of sample introduction techniques




expression CMS

The expression CMS is a research-grade benchtop mass spectrometer designed with the chemist in mind. When class is not in session, the system is ideal to support research projects. With electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources and an extended mass range option for large molecules, the expression CMS is an easy-to-use versatile mass detector for a variety of research applications and in the teaching lab. Its ease-of-use, versatility, and one-click software make the expression CMS ideal for undergraduate and graduate teaching chemistry programs.



Comprehensive Lecture Materials

Developed by Cornell Professor Emeritus, Jack Henion, PhD, along with leading chemistry departments, a ready-to-teach curriculum on mass spectrometry is included in the teaching package. Share as is or adapt to your teaching style. The curriculum includes pre-recorded lectures and accompanying slides on the fundamentals of mass spectrometry, sample inlet techniques, and real-world examples used in the chemistry workplace for hands-on learning. Lectures include:

  • Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
  • Flow Injection Analysis, ESI and APCI Ionization Techniques
  • Direct Analysis Probe for Liquids and Solids (ASAP)
  • Plate Express TLC Plate Reader
  • Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI)
  • LC/MS Techniques
  • Other CMS Applications & Techniques