Higher purity. Higher Yield. Optimize your purification workflow, from lab scale to scale-up.

This Webinar was originally presented November 9, 2023 on LabRoots.com

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to address your lab’s purification pain-points with methods and instrumentation to maximize your budget, time and increase overall efficiency. During this session you will discover:

  • How to select the ideal purification solution for your lab’s specific needs
  • How to optimize your purification workflow daily, to automate compound ID and fraction confirmation – using simple, prep free tools
  • How your cell phone can be used for automated method development
  • How column selection factors in to your workflow, and why exploring what is best for your method matters

Chase Needham, puriFlash and PrepLC Applications Scientist, Advion Interchim Scientific®

Streamlined Benchtop Chemistry: Faster Workflow from Reaction to Fraction

Lab Manager Ask the Expert Webinar. Recorded September 7, 2022

Maximize your workflow—even with limited space at the bench. This webinar features innovative solutions for streamlining the chemists’ everyday needs, including reaction monitoring, purification, fraction collection, and evaporation. No matter what your application, the session will address some of the most common bottlenecks and how to avoid them to improve your process.

As a viewer, you will learn more about:

  • How to use TLC plates to make flash purification faster and more efficient
  • Software hacks leveraging sophisticated algorithms for better purifications
  • 30-second fraction ID to speed up the process
  • How evaporation can be easier, faster, and more reliable

Webinar speakers include:

Gary Williams
Vice President, Chemist & North American Sales
Advion Interchim Scientific

Nathaniel Kunzer
Product Specialist

Continuous Purification from Flow Chemistry Systems with In-Line Flash Chromatography

Recorded June 15, 2022.

Join Christopher Thomson, Researcher at Heriot-Watt University, as he shares his work expanding the tool kit of automated flow synthesis with the development of in-line flash chromatography purification.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • An introduction to flow chemistry and in-line purification technologies.
  • An overview of prior continuous chromatography methods, their advantages and limitations.
  • How to interface flow reactors with puriFlash automated chromatography systems.
  • ‘Tips & Tricks’ for performing continuous in-line flash chromatography.
  • Future prospects for developing in-line flash chromatography.

Chris completed his chemistry with biochemistry degree (MChem, 1st Class) at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, in 2018 and was recipient of the ‘William H. Perkin Prize’ for excellence in organic chemistry. He was then awarded a PhD scholarship through the EPSRC funded centre for doctoral training in critical resource catalysis (CRITICAT), under the joint supervision of Dr Filipe Vilela and Dr Ai-Lan Lee.

Chris’ research focuses on the development and implementation of enabling technologies – especially flow chemistry – to enhance heterogeneous photocatalysis for organic synthesis.

He has published several papers on the development of flow systems featuring enabling technologies, such as: in-line NMR spectroscopy, in-line UV-Vis. spectroscopy, static mixing photocatalyst monoliths produced via functional material additive manufacturing, and most recently, reported the first example of continuous in-line flash chromatography – which will be the subject of this webinar.

Complement Flow Synthesis With In-Line Purification Using Flash Chromatography

In this application note, we describe a novel method to perform the continuous isolation of flow synthesis products from residual starting materials, catalysts or by-products to expedite chemical discovery. A promising new approach is highlighted here, featuring the Advion Interchim Scientific puriFlash® 5.250 preparative LC system.

The first results of our cooperation with the VilelaLAB and Continuum Flow Lab at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, on this topic are outlined here and can be read in more detail in the following source: C.G.Thomson et al.: Expanding the Tool Kit of Automated Flow Synthesis: Development of In-line Flash Chromatography Purification, J. Org. Chem. 2021, 86, 20, 14079–14094.

Setting Up Flash Chromatography in Your Lab: Faster Workflows for Better Purifications

Avoid workflow bottlenecks by streamlining the flash purification process in your lab. This whitepaper can help you identify, reduce, or even eliminate these bottlenecks, tanking your standard operational time from hours to minutes. Learn how essential tools including TLC, a smartphone application and a simple dipping probe for fraction ID offer a novel, systematic approach to help accelerate both synthesis and purification.

Key Objectives:
  • Learn the key tools to setting up a streamlined purification workflow in your lab.
  • Review the most time-consuming processes in a routine flash purification workflow and how to avoid these bottlenecks.
  • Explore how modern technology, including a smartphone application, can assist with method development.

puriFlash® XS-Vap

The NEW puriFlash® XS-Vap, your intuitive laboratory evaporator. X-tra compact. X-tra intuitive. X-tra efficient. X-tra evaporation.

Reduce evaporation time and gas consumption with the most advanced evaporator on the market. The puriFlash® XS-Vap offers an extensive range of benefits over the competition:

  • Compact and robust
  • Dedicated to solvent evaporation & concentration
  • Up to 90 samples in parallel
  • From 1mL to 250mL per position
  • Low gas consumption due to nozzle adjustment
  • Integrated software
  • Compatible with puriFlash racks

Simplifying the Flash Purification Process: Leveraging TLC & Mass Spectrometry

The compound synthesis, purification, and confirmation processes often present challenges. From ensuring successful synthesis of your product, setting up a flash purification method, and finally confirming ID of fractions, the lengthy workflow can be time consuming and repetitive. This webinar will provide a foundation for flash purification processes and will showcase a novel workflow concept that breaks down the process into easy steps for optimal success. We will offer tips to optimize each essential segment of the workflow, and share seamless steps to quickly and easily drive the process from reaction monitoring to flash purification and fraction ID.

Presented by Chase Needham, Application Scientist—Flash and Prep LC
Advion Interchim Scientific. This webinar was hosted by Lab Manager and recorded 9/30/21.

Ultra Performance Flash Purification: How To Do High Throughput Purification

This 159-page educational eBook is a comprehensive manual on high-throughput purification – from the theory and principles of chromatography through to method development and column selection. This valuable book offers an incredible opportunity for both beginners and experts alike to learn more about the science of chromatography and can improve your workflow and productivity. Chapter highlights include:

  • Theoretical Principles (37 pages)
  • Methods Development & Optimization” (45 pages) including TLC, Separative Methods transfer, Methods for Peptides purification, Injection method in Flash, Method optimisation and columns sizing
  • Stationary Phases and Columns (45 pages) including Characteristics & Selection Guide, Stationary phases.
  • Applications (26 pages)
  • Technical Tips (15 pages)
  • Troubleshooting (21 pages)