Higher purity. Higher Yield. Optimize your purification workflow, from lab scale to scale-up.

This Webinar was originally presented November 9, 2023 on LabRoots.com

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to address your lab’s purification pain-points with methods and instrumentation to maximize your budget, time and increase overall efficiency. During this session you will discover:

  • How to select the ideal purification solution for your lab’s specific needs
  • How to optimize your purification workflow daily, to automate compound ID and fraction confirmation – using simple, prep free tools
  • How your cell phone can be used for automated method development
  • How column selection factors in to your workflow, and why exploring what is best for your method matters

Chase Needham, puriFlash and PrepLC Applications Scientist, Advion Interchim Scientific®

A Handheld Guide: Fun & Easy Mass Spectrometry Experiments for your Teaching Lab

A book of experiments for your students

The expression® CMS (Compact Mass Spectrometer) is the ideal instrument for the teaching lab thanks to its small size, ease of use, and one-click software. This pocket guide of classroom experiments offers students the ability to gain hands-on instrument experience by eliminating complex and difficult sample preparation.

Analytical Sciences Synthesis & Purification: Consumables, Reagents & Instruments

The new edition of our “Analytical Sciences, Synthesis & Purification” catalog is available now! Offering a full suite of innovative products and technologies from Advion Interchim Scientific, this catalog features over 20,000 products ranging from consumables and reagents to instrumentation.

Not only a product resource, the catalog features in-depth scientific information to improve your daily workflow, including sample preparation tips and tricks, analysis technologies such as GC and LC/MS, and help selecting the best consumables for your workflow or purification.

Take advantage of this extensive guide to boost your lab with:

  • 20,000 Products
  • 12 Chapters
  • Technicals Tips
  • New Systems

Laboratory Insider: A Look Inside the Organic Synthesis Lab

Ask the Expert Webinar
Presented live November 2, 2022

Step inside the Parasram Lab at New York University for a look at some of their latest research.

In this webinar, Professor Marvin Parasram will discuss data from his laboratory’s recent publication, “Anaerobic Heteroatom Transfer Reactions Using Photoexcited Nitroarenes.” The research features developments on the anaerobic cleavage of alkenes into carbonyl compounds using nitroarenes as oxygen transfer reagents under visible light. This approach is a safe and practical alternative to mainstream oxidative cleavage protocols, such as ozonolysis and the Lemieux–Johnson reaction.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • How a wide range of alkenes possessing oxidatively sensitive functionalities underwent anaerobic cleavage to generate carbonyl derivatives with high efficiency and regioselectivity, using the Advion Interchim Scientific puriFlash® 5.250 Preparative HPLC system.
  • Mechanistic studies support that the transformation occurs via direct photoexcitation of the nitroarene followed by a nonstereospecific radical cycloaddition event with alkenes.
    How this process leads to 1,3,2- and 1,4,2-dioxazolidine intermediates that fragment to give the carbonyl products, using the Advion Interchim Scientific expression Compact Mass Spectrometer.
  • How a combination of radical clock experiments and in situ photoNMR spectroscopy revealed the identities of the key radical species and the putative aryl dioxazolidine intermediates, respectively.Watched the video and ready to learn more?