Peak Express® – Unique Mass Spectrometer Software to Look Beyond the Noise and Detect Minor Components and Impurities for the expression® CMS

Introducing a new way to analyze and present mass spectral data, the Advion Interchim Scientific® Peak Express® patented software uses the delta spectrum (ΔS) to quickly and automatically detect significant peaks within mass spectra based on their relative change in intensity over time instead of their absolute intensity.

  • Find impurities and minor components that would otherwise be missed
  • Find unknowns in complex samples such as natural products
  • Automatically find adducts, dimers, fragments, side reactions, and other unexpected compounds in real time and post processing
  • Control mass-directed purification without providing an exact mass
  • Get extracted ion chromatogram (XIC) quality data while scanning the entire mass range

Toluene-Assisted APCI and Elemental Composition Prediction Using a Compact Mass Spectrometer


  • Toluene-assisted APCI (TAPCI) can generate (M) and (M+H)+ ions from analytes that cannot be ionized by ESI or APCI.
  • Elemental formula prediction at 250 ppm accuracy and isotope distribution matching by TAMI (Tal Aviv Molecule Identifier) supports analyte identification.
  • Combining both TAPCI and TAMI on the expression compact mass spectrometer (CMS) provides a cost-effective analysis platform for a wide range of compounds.


Many compounds in organic synthetic chemistry either have no functional group, a C=O carbonyl group, or protected functional groups and are difficult to ionize by ESI or APCI for detection by mass spectrometry. TAPCI has been shown to ionize compounds to (M) and (M+H)+ protonated molecules not accessible by ESI or APCI MS analysis. The ionization is believed to include a charge transfer reaction in the APCI plasma region of the source. Elemental formula prediction using TAMI allows analyte identification on a single quadrupole mass spectrometer with mass accuracy in the 250 ppm range, isotope pattern analysis and auto comparison to NIST databases. Here, we investigate the use of both techniques on the expression CMS as an attractive and cost-effective solution for analyte identification covering an increased compound space.

CheMS Simplified Mass Spec Software

The CheMS user interface simplifies the mass spectrometry experience and makes it more accessible in chemistry and biochemistry laboratories. This allows the chemist to obtain optimal data without needing to be an expert in mass spectrometry.

Advion compact mass spectrometer

Available with the Advion expression® compact mass spectrometer (CMS) is a fast and easy tool that is ideal for the teaching environment — Students simply select an ionization method for effortless instrument setup at the click of a button.

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CHIPSOFT 10.0 WITH DEVELOPERS KIT: Customized method development for the TriVersa Nanomate

ChipSoftX is an entirely new operating software for the TriVersa NanoMate automated nanoelectrospray source. Besides improvement in program compatibility with Windows and integration of existing software features, it also provides access to the new Developers Kit – a platform for customized method development with direct access to robot controls allowing entirely novel analysis workflows such as LESAPLUS.