TriVersa NanoMate®

The TriVersa NanoMate is the latest in chip-based electrospray ionization technology from Advion. It combines the strengths of liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, chip-based infusion, fraction collection, and direct surface analysis into one integrated system. It allows analysts to obtain more information from complex samples than with LC/MS alone.

The ESI Chip

The ESI Chip unleashes the power of mass spectrometry through miniaturization. This microfluidics chip contains an array of nanoelectrospray nozzles, each one-fifth the diameter of a human hair, etched in a silicon wafer. The fabrication method is highly reproducible to ensure the integrity of each nozzle. The unique field strength created by the nanoelectrospray nozzles allows for a more efficient and stable spray.


The TriVersa NanoMate is controlled with a dedicated software program. ChipSoft allows users to control all aspects of the system including spray volumes, spray pressure, sample temperatures, and sequence of sample analysis. The software also integrates with a flow sensor to automatically change nozzles if no spray is detected.

Software Options:

Advanced User Interface (AUI) – this option for ChipSoft allows users to mix protein and ligand quantitatively prior to infusion for fully automated Kd determinations. It also allows control of reaction conditions such as incubation time and temperature.

External Collector Synchronization (ECS) – allows for the integration of the TriVersa NanoMate to external fraction collectors for increased capacity. The highlight of the software is its ability to communicate with RAD and UV detectors to determine peaks of interest and then create a sequence list for chip-based infusion. Ideally suited for metabolite identification and protein biomarker researchers, the ECS software option allows researchers to spend less time looking for their metabolites or biomarkers and more time analyzing them.