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The new edition of our “Analytical Sciences, Synthesis & Purification” catalog is available now! Offering a full suite of innovative products and technologies from Advion Interchim Scientific, this catalog features over 20,000 products ranging from consumables and reagents to instrumentation.

Not only a product resource, the catalog features in-depth scientific information to improve your daily workflow, including sample preparation tips and tricks, analysis technologies such as GC and LC/MS, and help selecting the best consumables for your workflow or purification.

Take advantage of this extensive guide to boost your lab with:

  • 20,000 Products
  • 12 Chapters
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  • New Systems

Tips and Tricks for Challenging ICP-MS Applications

Lab Manager Ask the Expert Webinar. Recorded September 15, 2022

Out of your element? Don’t be! This webinar features innovative cannabis and blood applications, plus tips and tricks to maximize throughput, precision, and sensitivity when utilizing ICP-MS technology. Performed using the Advion Interchim Scientific SOLATION® ICP-MS featuring a state-of-the-art sample introduction from Glass Expansion, this session is a must-see for any user or future user seeking tools for heavy metal analysis.

As a viewer, you will learn more about:

  • How to perform heavy metal analysis of cannabis plants using the SOLATION® ICP-MS
  • Simple methods for blood and plasma analysis that any lab can perform
  • How spray chamber performance can affect long-term system stability

Webinar speakers include:

Dr. Fadi Abou-Shakra
Director of ICP-MS Portfolio
Advion Interchim Scientific 

Joseph Brady
ICP-MS Application Scientist
Advion Interchim Scientific

Dr. Ryan Brennan
Glass Expansion

SOLATION®, A New ICP-MS for the Detection of Heavy Metals in Cannabis and Hemp

Cannabis and hemp products are becoming much more available for medicinal and recreational use making routine testing for toxic heavy metals much more important. Advion Interchim Scientific® introduces the SOLATION® ICP-MS for the analysis of heavy metals in cannabis plant and cannabis product samples. While there are no federal guidelines for heavy metals in cannabis, states where cannabis use and production are legal have adopted exposure limits and QC criteria for Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead based on USP<233>. Here, we report the results of our sample analysis using these guidelines.

This poster was presented at the 2021 ASMS conference in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Cannabis Purification Using Liquid Chromatography Benefits, Processes and Products

In this exclusive webinar, our cannabis instrumentation experts will share information about solutions that relieve the purification bottleneck for processors.

This 15-minute on-demand session will cover:

  • Pesticide remediation and dewaxing
  • THC remediation
  • Minor cannabinoid purification
  • In-house analytical
  • System and Consumable options

Effect-directed analysis of bioactive compounds in Cannabis sativa L. by high-performance thin-layer chromatography

Justus Liebig University Giessen, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


Effect-directed analysis (EDA) by the combination of high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTLC) with biologi- cal and enzymatic assays represents one of the latest tools available for the rapid bioprofiling of complex matrices, such as plant extracts. In this ambit, the aim of this project was the non-targeted screening of inflorescence extracts from ten different hemp varieties for components exhibiting radical scavenging, antibacterial, enzyme inhibiting and estrogen-like effects.

The characterization of two prominently multipotent bioactive com- pound zones was finally achieved by HPTLC-HRMS and preliminary assigned as cannabidiolic acid and cannabidivarinic acid.

HTPLC analysis was coupled via the Advion Plate Express® TLC Plate Reader.

Simplifying the Flash Purification Process Leveraging TLC and Mass Spectrometry

The compound synthesis, purification and confirmation processes often present challenges. From ensuring successful synthesis of your product, setting up a flash purification method, and finally confirming ID of fractions, the lengthy work flow can be time consuming and repetitive.

This webinar will provide a foundation for flash purification processes, and will showcase a novel work flow concept that breaks down the process in to easy steps for optimal success. We will offer tips to optimize each essential segment of the workflow, and share seamless steps to quickly and easily drive the process from reaction monitoring to flash purification and fraction ID.

Presented by Dr. Daniel Eikel, Director of Customer Service and Product Applications, Advion.

This webinar was hosted by C&EN and recorded 8/13/20.

What’s in My Sample? Mass Spectrometry Instruments

Mass spectrometry is an analytical technique used to determine the mass-to-charge ratio of ions in a sample and therefore the sample composition. This method is used across many industries including food and beverage, environmental monitoring, and clinical. There are many features of mass spectrometers that must be considered before purchasing such as the required mass analyzer technology, ionization source, and dissociation technique. Join Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss how to decipher mass spectrometry technology offerings and find the right solution for your lab.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Available technology for performing mass spectrometry
  • Features to consider when purchasing mass spectrometry instruments
  • How to find the right mass spectrometer for your application