A Handheld Guide: Fun & Easy Mass Spectrometry Experiments for your Teaching Lab

A book of experiments for your students

The expression® CMS (Compact Mass Spectrometer) is the ideal instrument for the teaching lab thanks to its small size, ease of use, and one-click software. This pocket guide of classroom experiments offers students the ability to gain hands-on instrument experience by eliminating complex and difficult sample preparation.

Mass Spectrometry for Teaching Chemistry Undergraduates – The expression® CMS & the SOLATION® ICP-MS

Recorded November 3, 2022: Featured talk in the LCGC Mass Spectrometry Symposium

Join Fadi Abou-Shakra, Director of ICP-MS Portfolio for Advion Interchim Scientific®, as he shares some of the organization’s latest mass spectrometry applications for the teaching lab. This includes student-friendly experiments using a compact single-quadrupole system, as well as simplified ICP-MS applications.

Fadi Abou-shakra started using ICP-MS in 1987 applying it for the analysis of trace elements in biological fluids and has been active in the field of atomic spectroscopy since then. He holds an MSc in Medical Physics and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Surrey, England. He brings a wealth of experience in ICP-MS as a researcher, customer support specialist and a business manager.

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Analytical Sciences Synthesis & Purification: Consumables, Reagents & Instruments

The new edition of our “Analytical Sciences, Synthesis & Purification” catalog is available now! Offering a full suite of innovative products and technologies from Advion Interchim Scientific, this catalog features over 20,000 products ranging from consumables and reagents to instrumentation.

Not only a product resource, the catalog features in-depth scientific information to improve your daily workflow, including sample preparation tips and tricks, analysis technologies such as GC and LC/MS, and help selecting the best consumables for your workflow or purification.

Take advantage of this extensive guide to boost your lab with:

  • 20,000 Products
  • 12 Chapters
  • Technicals Tips
  • New Systems

Learn Mass Spectrometry – A Complimentary Online Course

Learn Mass Spectrometry: For a limited time, access our free curriculum from Dr. Jack Henion, global leader and educator for Mass Spectrometry and LC/MS

Take advantage of this educational opportunity to learn from the master, Dr. Henion, Cornell Emeritus Professor, who will guide you through basic principles to more advanced techniques. This lecture series offers a university-level course, only offered to Advion customers and university students — until now.

This lecture package includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
  • Flow Injection Analysis, ESI and APCI Ionization Techniques
  • Direct Analysis Probe for Liquids and Solids (ASAP)
  • Plate Express TLC Plate Reader
  • Touch Express Open Port Sampling Interface (OPSI)
  • LC/MS Techniques
  • Other CMS Applications & Techniques

This course is available for a limited time to aid in at-home learning initiatives and coursework. Professors who aim to teach, undergraduates who desire to further their education, or Ph.D.’s in need of a refresher, our team at Advion is offering this package at no-charge.

Advion’s curriculum package offers viewers a wide range of essentials for teaching and learning mass spectrometry for chemists.

Experiential Education: Mass Spectrometry Enters the Teaching Laboratory

Thanks to the diminishing size and cost of mass spectrometers, coupled with their increasing robustness and ease of use, universities are now starting to furnish their undergraduate chemistry laboratories with this advanced analytic tool.

“My favorite learning environment is the laboratory,” explains Paul A. Flowers, professor of analytical chemistry at University of North Carolina at Pembroke. “I like teaching students fundamentals through bona fide research experiences.” Flowers began using mass spectrometry in the teaching laboratory about six years ago and hasn’t looked back.

Learn more about the integration of mass spectrometry for teaching with this free whitepaper.

Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe for Direct Mass Analysis of Liquid & Solid Samples

The expression® CMS provides essential information quickly and improves the chemist’s workflow by using a direct analysis probe, otherwise known as ASAP® (Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe) permits chemists affordable and reliable sample analysis of solid and liquid samples such as reaction mixtures, food samples, natural products and tablets.

Chemists simply dip the closed end of a glass capillary into the sample of interest (even complex mixtures) or scrape the surface of a solid, and then place the capillary into the CMS for analysis. Clean-up and analysis is a single step. Involatile buffers and salts remain on the capillary ensuring they do not suppress ionization or interfere with the measurement, while the compounds of interest are identified by the CMS.

Plate Express®: How it Works

Advion Interchim Scientific’s Plate Express® is ideal for fast, easy TLC/MS analysis. Coupled with the expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS), the TLC plate reader allows prep-free sampling and data in less than 30 seconds.

ASAP®: How it Works

Advion’s direct atmospheric solids analysis probe, otherwise known as ASAP®, permits chemists fast and reliable sample analysis of liquid and solid samples such as reaction mixtures, food samples, natural products and tablets.

Innovations in Mass Spectrometry – Peak Express Software

During this webinar you will learn more about:

  • A new type of mass spectrum: the Delta Spectrum (ΔS). The patented ΔS is able to look beyond chemical noise and automatically detect even the smallest peaks without knowing the m/z.
  • How to easily find adducts, dimers, fragments, side-reactions and other unexpected compounds at the click of a button, in real-time or with post-processing.
  • How to use Peak Express software to highlight minor components in complex mixtures and dirty matrices, and can give you the ability to control mass-directed purification without providing the compound mass.
  • How to easily acquire XIC-quality data while scanning the entire mass range, allowing Peak Express™ to tell you the m/z.This webinar was featured by Lab Manager’s Tech Trends webinar series, “Innovations in Mass Spectrometry.”