Analysis of Iohexol using the Advion Interchim Scientific® AVANT® HPLC and expression® CMS System

Iohexol is a widely used non-ionic imaging agent that improves contrast for x–ray analysis. Its low osmolality allows for a rapid clearance via the kidney, preventing reabsorption and further metabolization. This makes iohexol a compound with a better safety profile compared to other imaging agents.

In this application note, a simple and accurate HPLC-CMS method for iohexol analysis is introduced.

Measurement of THC in Exhaled Breath after Marijuana Smoking: Exploring the Potential of a Transportable LC/CMS System

Dr. Jack Henion presents the possibility of using the Advion Interchim Scientific expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) for ‘roadside breath testing’ of THC DRUID (driving under the influence of drugs) with the use of a small plastic breath collection device from Breath Explor of Uppsala, Sweden. This device serves as a simple, acceptable collection device for individuals in contrast to venous puncture with a needle or other means of collecting a biological sample.

In this ASMS 2020 Reboot presentation, you will learn:

  • Breath sample collection with the Breath Explor device
  • The potential benefits and challenges of a roadside LC/CMS testing system including an automated robot for sample preparation with the Advion Interchim Scientific expression® CMS and Advion Interchim Scientific AVANT UHPLC
  • The Advion LC/CMS system provides accurate and sensitive results when used to analyze breath samples for THC

Authors: Olof Beck2, Jack Henion1, Sabina Seferaj2, Peter Stamback3
1Advion, Inc., Ithaca, NY
2Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
3Breath Explore, Munkplast AB, Uppsala, Sweden

Analysis of Patulin in Apple Related Products by UHPLC/CMS

Patulin is a mycotoxin that is a common contaminant in food and animal feed, especially in apple products. The potential health risk of patulin to humans led to the establishment of action levels in foodstuffs.

The EU, WHO and US FDA defined maximum levels of patulin in fruit juices. The EU also has specific regulations for solid apple products and foods intended for infants and young children such as apple compote.

In this application note, a simple UHPLC/CMS method using the Advion Interchim Scientific AVANT® UHPLC and expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) system is introduced for the analysis of patulin in apple juice and apple compotes.

The research presented in this application note was a poster presentation for ASMS 2020 Reboot.